Angus & Celeste

Staughton Vale, Victoria.

James and Susan Bufton have for many years worked the historic Staughton Vale holding. Located at the foot of the Brisbane Ranges, it is a landmark property of historical and architectural significance. The blue-stone home (1870) is one of the earlier homes in the area.


The couple have extensively revegetated almost the full length of the the Little River that runs through the property. The revegetation has resulted in the […]

Brisbane Ranges and Scotsburn (Vic).

Ceramic artists Asha and Keir from Angus & Celeste make the most beautiful jewellery and home wares. Based in Melbourne, these two dynamic and talented people produce their own range as well as manage their on-line store. For every purchase (via the website) Asha and Keir donate $1.00 towards tree planting. This equates to 75 trees every season. In the past, their trees have been planted at Shepparton, Lake […]

St Lukes Primay School, Shepparton, Vic.

Every quarter, Asha Celeste Cato and Keir Angus MacDonald from Angus & Celeste donate $1.00 for every on-line purchase made from their beautiful ceramic and porcelain store. This means that every season, Fifteen Trees can plant out 75 trees on their behalf.

St Luke’s Primary School were the recipients of 30 of their trees.

Olivia Hill (Grade 5) writes … On Friday the 26th of July, the Year 5 students from […]

Learmonth Community Gardens, Vic.

Dear Colleen,
The Friends of Learmonth are very grateful for the donation by supporters of Fifteen Trees for the 250 native, indigenous plants which we haveĀ  planted in our Community Garden to complement the screening by the larger natives.
The Community garden is a community initiative which continues to evolve. The location of the block is at the entrance to Learmonth and so we hope it will become a welcome stop […]

Whroo Conservation Reserve.

Asha Celeste Cato and Keir Angus MacDonald from Angus & Celeste has beenĀ  long time supporters of our native environment, donating $1.00 for every on-line purchase made from their beautiful website. They produce contemporary porcelain jewellery and modern collectable home wares. Well worth a look.
Seventy five trees were planted recently, across 2 sites on the behalf of their company. Sixty were planted at the Whroo Conservation Reserve (Northern Victoria) […]