A beautiful setting for more trees.

Hi Colleen, Thanks to supporters of Fifteen Trees. What an uplifting experience this has been. Many hours of planting, staking, watering, nurturing, and lots of perseverance … finally I found success for my efforts. Over the last 10 years drought has surely shown its effects on many of the older trees of 16 years or more, as well as soil erosion. With the new trees, birdlife and fauna have been attracted back to the area. Funnily enough, I note that perseverance is the key, many hours and days I have spent replacing the sleeves guards on my seedlings that had been lifted off by kangaroos’. Gary.

Through the assistance of individual carbon off-setters – Emmaline Southwell, Mary Wade, Marlie Grant and Andrew Howard (Ballarat Pack & Send) 60 new native trees have been planted in the Goldfield Region of Victoria. Thank you to Emmaline and Marlie who found me on the internet, thank you to Mary who found me in the school grounds and thank you to Andrew who allowed me to find (and harass) him at his workplace. Your generosity is helping landowners like Gary to reverse some of the damage our earlier farming practices did to our beautiful native landscape.

Cheers – Colleen