Trees were planted along a creek bed at Sutton Grange.

‘Supporters of Fifteen Trees have funded the purchase of 675 trees indigenous to the local area of Sutton Grange (near Castlemaine). These trees were planted along a section of Myrtle Creek, which was affected by floods last summer. It is hoped that these plantings will limit and stabilise the erosion, and also replace trees and plants which were washed away with the flood. Altogether this has been an excellent community oriented project focused around the area of Myrtle Creek’. Tamsin  Byrne (Project Manager).

Funds for the plants provided to the Sutton Grange Landcare group, generously came from King’s Cars in Ballarat. Peter King has been carbon offsetting his new Mitsubishi and Citroens with Fifteen Trees for the past year. The 675 trees planted will (over their lifetime) collect a year’s carbon emissions from 45 cars. Thank you to Peter and the team at King’s Cars for your green policies that allow landcare groups to receive trees for planting.

 Cheers – Colleen